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While most commentators view the iPad as an oversized iPhone, it’s really a question, whether people will accept it, as a suitable replacement for netbooks (“they’re just cheap laptops”, said Steve Jobs).I think this is really a question of software. If you compare specifications of any iPod, with competitive mp3 players in the same price range, iPod loses in all respects. But once you hold the iPod in your hands and use it, you see why this is the best seller – it’s simple and intuitive software wins the users. And without good touch screen software, iPhone and iPod Touch would never made it this far.As Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs stated, the iPad is intended as a device between the smartphone and the laptop. The iPad copies iPhone’s basic user interface and physical design, but there are significant differences, beyond the 9.7? screen and a fast Apple-designed processor. Applications on iPad, look a lot more like computer software. It’s photo application, for example, looks more like iPhoto on a Mac than the photo app on iPhone. Most of the core iPhone applications have been rewritten and it even runs all current 140,000 iPhone apps.While we haven’t seen the promised music and video streaming services, Jobs showed off their e-book reader app with a built-in online book store.Visually, it looks much better than Amazon’s Kindle, but still leaves plenty to desire for. New York Times representatives showed off their digital newspaper, that seemed a lot better than Kindle’s version. And iPad’s touch screen software, allows you to flip pages with a gesture.Compared to Kindle it lacks in functionality and has much smaller catalog. In addition a back-lit LCD screen can be tiresome for the eyes, compared to Kindle’s ilk. This shouldn’t surprise us, since Jobs is quoted as saying “no one reads anymore”. A reflection of Apple’s concern for the readers?On the positive side:
looks awesome
feels comfortable and solid to hold
has all that cool software built in
amazingly low-priced (for an Apple product)
10 hours of battery life
it will use iPhone OSOn the negative side:no multitasking:While we can expect some limitations here, it’s really all about the software.The fast processor combined with flash storage, launches and shuts down any application in a moment. This reduces the need to run applications in the background. It does bring up some concerns. For example: Will we be able to chat over Skype while browsing? And will we be able to receive Skype calls on the same device? The iPhone certainly handlesno web camiPad SDK 3.2 documentation mentions a camera and there are rumors about iPod Touch getting the camera in June. It would seem, Apple is planning to hold off some of the key features, forcing the buyers to reach into their pockets again Flash supportFlash is going to find itself competing heavily with HTML 5 in time. Google’s TestTube and Chrome experiments are a proof of this. Anyone familiar with Flash, can tell you it’s a dog that has not kept up with modern computers.On the other hand, we are not there yet and Flash today is just too popular, to be ignored like that. This will heavily cripple the browsing experience, not to mention all the cool Flash games, we’ll be missing.
no USB ports, no SD slot
the carrier for the iPad’s 3G plan in the US is the heavily unpopular AT&T
it will use iPhone OSThe iPad is quite more than just a big iPod Touch or iPhone, even though it looks like one. But the question remains, will that be enough to get the buyers to embrace it and make it part of their daily lives?This device will find some niche uses. If you are looking for productivity, you better stick with your touch screen laptop. But if you are a casual user, looking for active or passive entertainment on the go, the iPad might be just for you. Surfing the web on the couch, watching videos on public transport and viewing e-recipes in the kitchen, are some of the uses that come to mind.Like with any other Apple’s product, there will certainly be no shortage of people lining up to buy it.While iPhone’s brought us revolutionary touch screen software, this gadget still needs something cooler than a nice cover, to justify calling it “magical” or “revolutionary”. But until I get our hands on one and see it in action, it’s too early to judge.However, one thing we can all be certain of:This will be the most awesome toilet web browsing gadget. Ever.

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The latest and the advanced game consoles are on high demand these days. This is particularly because the expectations of the people are reaching sky limits as innovations in this arena are also quite tremendous. In order, to stay updated with the recent market trends a gamer always clamors to own high-end gadgets to ensure unlimited gaming experience. Moreover, there are numerous manufacturers in this arena which always develops feature-rich widgets to offer ultimate gaming experience to the players. However, the three most preferred gaming gadgets among the gamers all over the world are Sony PlayStation 3 by Sony, Nintendo Wii by Nintendo and Xbox 360 by Microsoft.These game consoles are enhanced with advanced hardware, software and services which have the potential to support DVD movie playback, photos, high-definition videos and music tracks without any hassles. As a matter of fact, these gadgets are popularly known as interactive entertainment gadgets as they come with the capability to support videos too and that also without any hassles.What is more these feature-rich game consoles are designed not only to offer entertainment but also permits the users to access valuable information without any hassles. For instance, the Xbox 360 from the Microsoft has been enriched with various high-tech options that one can easily enhance his or her gaming strategies and skills. In this gaming system you can even enjoy DVD movies of latest music tracks without any hassles. Moreover, this gadget has been enriched with high-end but user-friendly features hat even a layman can also easily operate it. Now, to get a better insight of the Nintendo Wii we can say that these interactive gaming console has been adorned with several smart features such as wireless controller, remote and accessing internet whenever and wherever.In fact, all these interactive gaming gadgets are designed in such a manner that even the grown ups find it interesting to play games in them. Furthermore, the audio and the video features of these gadgets make the games even more exciting and thrilling. As such, to get the best gaming console for all your requirements you can search the online stores at ease. In these stores you can easily compare the features and specifications of these gadgets to ensure that you are getting the best return for your hard earned money.